Our clinic that focuses on prenatal massage in NW Calgary offers a non-judgmental space where all birthing decisions are equally supported. We have access to different resources should there be inquiries, as well, we love to integrate different modalities within the clinic should we see a need to add or change a prenatal therapy-always keeping the patient’s best interest as our highest regard.

Common Complaints Treated During Pregnancy

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hip Pain

Foot Pain/Swelling


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

During a Pregnancy Massage session, the expecting mother’s comfort is the very important. Additional bolstering, blankets, and heat pads may be used to ensure that the client is able to relax and find comfort on the massage table. This means laying on one side or the other, but occasionally a mother will be able to find comfort on either her stomach or her back using bolsters and pillows. We believe in the absolute comfort and safety of our patients.

Benefits of Prenatal massage

During your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimester

Increases Circulation

Assists in Fetal Development by Supporting the Body's Circulation

Decreases Pain

Decreases Swelling in the Limbs